How Hypnosis and Mind Coaching Helped a Client to Reduce Alcohol and Stop Vaping


Let’s get straight to the point. One of my clients wanted to control alcohol and stop vaping. He used vaping as a crutch for anxiety. The more he vaped, the more he felt he needed it, even when he wasn’t anxious. It was a nasty cycle, right?

You can find out more about the risks of Vaping here.


Turns out, a lot of our habits are just responses to anxiety. This guy, like many of us, had turned to vaping as his go-to. The kicker? The actual act of vaping was making him anxious, trapping him in a loop.

Then came hypnosis.

Through this, he saw his anxiety wasn’t as big and scary as he thought. And here’s the cool part: he realised he didn’t need a vape or anything else to relax. That power was all in his mind. He’d mistaken his chill moments for the act of vaping when, in reality, he was the one in control.


This ‘aha’ moment wasn’t just about vaping. He took a hard look at his relationship with alcohol. Instead of downing pints and regretting it, especially during the week! Now he has decided to enjoy just one drink occasionally during the week, he’s slowed drinking down and consciously enjoys the taste rather than the quantity even at weekends.

Quality over Quantity

Fast forward to today, he’s vape-free and drinks responsibly. All thanks to realising the strength he had within, with a little nudge from mind coaching and hypnotherapy


Final Word

Bottom line? We sometimes trick ourselves into believing we have huge problems when the answer is within us, when we make a decision to take back control of old habits, use our inner strength and watch ourselves transform.

It’s as simple or as complicated as that.

Update from Client

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