Stop Fears And Phobias

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A Phobia is an irrational thought generated in your mind. They can be dealt with in a variety of different ways.

Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching to rewind a past event, and view it from a safe perspective can diminish your Phobia, however, the best method is to deal with it, is to find the root cause of the issue, so the symptoms just disappear. Our minds are not static, in fact the brain can change its ‘neuro plasticity’ so the brain has the ability to literally rewire itself. It takes a second to get a fear and can be that quick to get rid of it.

For example fear of flying, one part of our mind knows that Flying is safe, but the other part of our mind tells us different. The successful way of dealing with fears and phobias is to teach the mind how to view them from a safe perspective but also deal with any past trauma.

Once any trauma has been dealt with, you will get more perspective on the situation, allowing you to feel calmer and safe.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

Phobias and anxiety Overcome

I would highly recommend Derek to anyone going through some hard times, mental health issues, or phobias they want to get rid of. I went to Derek this Summer when my mental health hit the roof from different situations, after 4 years of failed CBT Therapy. I simply had enough and his methods of helping really helped me. He also rid my phobia of the Dentist as well, it went within the hour! Recently I had some down moments due to events and what with Christmas coming up. Again Derek got me through it! Now I can’t wait to get the decorations out. Thank you Derek!

Overcome Phobias & Fears

Honestly couldn’t recommend Derek enough! He helped me with so much, massive thank you to him for helping me overcome anxiety, phobias and to learn to love myself, thank you!


Phobia of Dentists / Doctors Needles

For years I have had a phobia of Dentists / Doctors needles caused by a traumatic experience, to the point I have bitten a doctor. And refused to go to the dentist until I was on that much pain from the tooth I wasn’t scared of the needle. I also hated having my wrists touched which I never linked to having my arms pinned down by a dentist as a child.

After my treatment I booked in at the dentist and got told I needed a root canal and 3 fillings which means 3-5 needles. Booked myself in and waited until the day rolled round which was Wednesday.

Walked into the dentist got told to sit in the waiting room, for 15 minutes which is normally when I would bottle it. Felt nothing, went into the dentists room laid down and waited for the panic to come, he got the needle out went towards my mouth which is normally when the panic sets in I, I didn’t feel any fear this time though i thought “this is where it really hurts” closed my eyes and waited for what I thought would be a very painful experience, only for it to be a mildly uncomfortable and leave me wondering what the problem was all these years.

Derek has changed my life I’m a much more confident and happier person. He is also a model professional and very friendly.

H Chapman