Fear Of Flying

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Are you scared of flying?

Pre-flight, landing, safety?

Maybe you manage to fly and then worry about the return.

Even though you know that your fear is irrational nothing really helps. Using Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching to rewind a past event, and view it from a safe perspective can diminish your Phobia. However, the best method is to find the root cause so the symptoms disappear.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

My 50 year fear of flying

Hello, I am Steve, I have had a 50 years fear of flying, It’s now gone, Thank you to Derek, I was recommended to Derek by a friend, I was that scared of flying I was unable to talk about it as I started to panic and come out in sweats and most of the time I had to leave the room. I went to see Derek and felt a little bit scared but when I walked into the room. I was so calm, the feeling when you walk in was just amazing. After having sessions with Derek and taking his advice I can now say that I booked a flight and I have now flown and I must say that it was brilliant. I wish I had gone for help years ago. I could not have done this without the help and support and aftercare from Derek. He makes you feel better about yourself and I feel so positive about lots of things in my life as well as flying. I have been on a holiday to Cuba for a wedding and have been on holiday to Spain.

Steve R
I’ve never been happier

Went for a fear of flying, anxiety, confidence, had to be accompanied when going out or meeting new people and overall worrying about every aspect of life, over 17 years of living with these and seeing countless psychiatrists, doctors and all the medication that can be given which none of it worked!!! I went to see Derek with my partner in tow to be surprised with how calming Derek and the surroundings were, I went for more sessions on my own something I hadn’t done EVER, I can honestly say now that my life has changed so much I have no fear, I don’t live in the past I live in the now and I’m loving it! I speak for myself and speak to others which I couldn’t do before !! Waking up now is so exciting I don’t dread waking up and thinking a million things or what can go wrong my confidence level is great I just want to say go see Derek it really does work Thank you for everything Derek I am truly grateful a true earth Angel and gentleman. I will miss our appointments.

Kimberley C
You can do more than you think you can

After seeing Derek, we flew to southern Spain and had a wonderful time! No stresses at the airport, no meltdowns on the plane, and no Valium or alcohol to even get me there! Derek has given me the tools and belief to help myself and I can honestly say I will use what I have learned for the rest of my life, I can’t thank him enough and I would and have recommended Derek to my family and friends.

Rachel H