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This bespoke method not only deals with your eating but also what else is eating you! It is not a quick fix, or magic pill but aims to reduce your eating habits, helping you to remain motivated.

Clients report they:

A recent client pictured lost 10 stones with this method. She said: “I tried every diet, and even had Gastric band surgery without long-term success.”She went on to say that the reason for her successful weight loss is: “now my mindset has changed about food, and I choose to eat when I am hungry and not out of habit”

This Process is For You

what Clients Say

I Lost 9 Stones with this method

I had previously tried every diet, had a real Gastric band fitted even tried other hypnotherapists without long term success!

I have worked with Derek Chapman consistently on this weight loss journey. I would start off all motivated, then keep failing but working with Derek, I have now lost 9 stone!! 

I am on my target only a few pounds to go!

Ursula A
I liked to comfort eat

I was at my lowest. I’d walked out of my job because I believed I couldn’t handle it and I also struggled with my weight as I liked to comfort eat. Since seeing Derek, I have made myself my priority. I have enrolled in university to do performing arts. Something I always wanted but never had the nerves. I am on a weight loss journey and I have never felt happier. His techniques really work. If you’re looking for a sign to go see him this, is it. I didn’t write this review immediately after seeing Derek so I could see if it actually worked for me and I assure you it has made a tremendous difference in my life. 

Thank you, Derek for all your help.

Weight loss and more!

I booked Derek for my wife and I after hearing of the success of the wife of a friend of mine. We had treatment and I can honestly say it’s been brilliant. My whole attitude to food had changed. I was terrible for snacking and loving sweet things. Now, I never snack and haven’t had a chocolate bar in ages. Both my wife and I have lost about a stone each, We love the fact we can still eat exactly what we want (and I do have the occasional sweet) but we are simply not interested in things the way we were. I don’t need to feel guilty for having something I shouldn’t as nothing is off-limits and I find myself hungry SO much less than before. It’s your own mind which changes for the better.

Sean E