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A range of self-paced products that you can use from the comfort of your own home to help you relax and control anxiety.

Including a free 7-Day trial of The Anxiety Wheel

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hypnosis Audios

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four powerful hypnotic recordings
Four powerful hypnotic recordings

Listen to these Hypnotic recordings at your own leisure to achieve your goals…

Dual hypnosis switch on/switch off

A dual Hypnosis recording for a calmer mind using a number of techniques to calm…

Learn to Relax
Learn to relax audio

This Hypnosis Audio File has been created to support client sessions and can be used…

Anxiety Techniques

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anxiety wheel
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Instructional Videos, Audio mp3, PDF Files and much more…

10 tips anxiety e book
Tips To Lowering Anxiety

Lower anxiety now with a FREE 10-step guide…

anxiety wheel
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Instructional Videos, Audio mp3, PDF Files and much more…

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One-stop solution in helping you to lower Anxiety and Stress….

Techniques For Therapists

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The Awesome Therapist

Secrets and techniques Derek has perfected after working with thousands of clients….

The Russian Doll Technique® (RDT) by Derek Chapman
The Russian Doll Technique®

A great technique for a rapid state change. Flexible, Fast, and Fun. Certificate on completion…

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The Works

A combination of The Russian Doll Technique and The Awesome Therapist course…

anxiety solutions
Pre talk slides

21 High quality slides designed for Hypnotists and Change workers. They ultimately educate…

Awesome Mentoring
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The aim of this program is for business owners or individuals to get to the next level. Enquire now


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Sabotage to Success Audio

Turn Sabotage To Success

Turn Sabotage To Success audiobook

what Clients Say

Easy to follow and Easier to feel better!

I have worked through this course over a few days. Derek has set it out really clearly and gives a great explanation of Anxiety and offers amazing techniques that you can follow to use immediately and stop anxious feelings quickly. This is so valuable and at any point you can refer back to the techniques. You have developed an effective product that will make such a difference to those who buy it. Great work your doing Derek.

Joanne Mallinson

This course is pure genius. Derek has helped me to stop smoking after 25 years and failed attempts and also with anxiety. The wheel is such a valuable tool for any anxiety sufferers out there. Teaching you how to relax with numerous videos and mp3s. You can go back at any time and the techniques are so simple to follow. Thank you so much for developing
this Derek.

Gemma Buley

panic attacks and anxiety are gone!

Almost a year that I had panic attacks and anxiety. I got some medicines from a Doctor in Thailand but didn’t take them because I was afraid of the side effects. Everyday I spent my life depressingly until I met Derek (He was here in Thailand for traveling) He helped me with some incredible technics to get rid of it easily. It’s just unbelievable! I had never thought that I would be able to get rid of it. Now I’m living my life happily. I feel so independent. Must thank Derek. He is very professional and is also a very kind person. If you’re experiencing anxiety or even panic attacks. I would definitely suggest you seeing Derek, It will change your life!

Vivier Dar


This mentoring program has been designed to Inspire, Challenge, and Increase your Self-Belief.

You will be supported throughout your transformational journey and long afterwards.

Many mentoring programs make false promises, I have experienced and spent thousands of pounds on these courses. Having been sadly disappointed with the results and the lack of ongoing support I decided to create my own, a Program designed to be realistic, achievable and most importantly, bespoke to you and your individual needs.

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