Stop Drugs

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This process is unique to you as an individual. You were not born an addict.

Clients who have an addictive habit are using it as a method of coping.

Once we deal with the cause, the symptoms become much more manageable. Dealing with this issue can be far easier than you think even if you have tried other methods that did not work.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

My life is back on track

Got my life back on track just don’t do that habit anymore and I like who I am because I am naturally confident without needing the coke.

8 Months Clean

It’s been 8 months since I stopped alcohol which caused me to sniff cocaine
I get more of a buzz by saying NO now. I had previously been to Rehab 3 times and done counselling nothing worked this did. A huge thank you.

6 months clean

Now 6 months clean. No cocaine I am working out lost weight Etc.
I have tried other methods but this worked because I alone dictate how I feel, and being kind to myself is key! As is Derek’s approach which certainly helped. Got straight to the heart of the issue and learnt how to manage thoughts emotions and not let negative ones take over!