Stop Smoking

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You CAN take back control! Even after other methods have failed. Remember you were not born a Smoker or a Vaper, which means you can change.

Does this sound familiar? “I’ll quit tomorrow” but you don’t!

Smoking can seem relaxing. It costs and takes more than it gives, so you’ll either stop smoking or smoking will stop you!

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching have proven highly effective in giving up the habit without cravings or withdrawal.

To support you this method has a unique guarantee. I will give you a standby session should you ever be tempted to go back.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

No Cigarettes for almost 6 years

This guy is a genius no cigarettes for almost 6 years after smoking for 40 plus years, no cravings or longings just feel free. Derek is so caring and sorts out more than you could even imagine I would recommend Derek to anyone, don’t think about it do it.

Gwen B
Hypnotherapy to help me give up smoking

I had hypnotherapy to help me give up smoking. It’s been nearly 21 days since I had my last cigarette and I’ve got to say I feel amazing. Not only have I saved £132 so far, but the energy I have is fantastic. He made me feel so comfortable and gave me the confidence to believe in myself that I could give up a 23-year habit. As an extra during my sessions, he also helped me get rid of my fear of fish and the sea My next plan is to go scuba diving! 

He also helped me with my confidence in myself! Thanks, Derek for all your help. Excellent service and a lovely, lovely man. 5* isn’t enough to rate the changed he’s helped me with. Don’t think you can’t do it, the help and supports from Derek to help change your thinking is just incredible!

Gale W

I was sceptical that it wouldn’t work

Went to Derek to stop smoking but as soon as I walked out, I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world. 6.5 Years later I am still “cigfree and do not want another one ever again. I would personally recommend going to Derek for any problems.

Gemma C