All Change Starts with YOU and what YOU think about Yourself

If you have bad habits, habitual thoughts or negative feelings; how you think of yourself underpins every aspect of your life.

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After Experiencing the Change Myself I became a Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

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“I decided Enough was Enough. The Fear of Not Changing was worse than the Anxiety.”

I tried counselling, medication and other treatments, all of which were ineffective. Nothing helped me feel any different; I was finally ready to change. Hypnotherapy, combined with Mind Coaching gave me a profound transformation. It increased my confidence, and my self-worth and changed the trajectory of my life! Now I have the privilege to show my clients how to change their lives too.

Feeling inspired, I enrolled in numerous Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching courses. Eager to learn as much as I could from some of the best trainers in the world. My mission: “To empower people to take back control of their lives and provide the tools to maintain that change.”

Throughout my life I have experienced challenges.
I continue to evolve, learn and expand my personal development to provide the best, most up-to-date service available.

“Sometimes we have to reach Rock Bottom to do something Positive in order to Change and Feel Good.”

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One of the UK’s most recommended and reviewed Hypnotherapists. Derek has been featured in the media and the BBC TV News and BBC Radio.

Derek has worked with thousands of clients of all ages. Doctors have referred patients to him based on his high success rates. Clients include footballers and celebrities.

Director of the Award Winning Practice based in Bargate, North East Lincolnshire.

The Creator of “The Russian Doll Technique” used worldwide by practitioners.

Derek is trained to the highest levels in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has studied Psychology combined with Psycho Sensory Techniques.

Member of the Royal College of Medicine.

Areas of Expertise include:

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