The Awesome Therapist Course


 The Awesome Therapist contains the secrets and techniques Derek has perfected after working with thousands of clients.

Creator of The Russian Doll Technique®

 The Anxiety Wheel, and The Anxiety Solution 

Derek reframes change work and hypnosis in a way clients and Therapists can easily understand.

“I love the way Derek teaches and how he makes it simple and real”
– Deborah Rodriguez,  Amazon bestselling Author, and Hypnotist 

Derek also mentors existing Hypnotherapists who are looking for inspiration and motivation in making their practices thrive.

The Awesome Therapist is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. After enrolling, you have unlimited access.

“Having been involved in the change business for 22 years,  I found the “Awesome Therapist” Course to be a no-nonsense, content-rich easy to navigate that keeps delivering and expanding. Highly recommended!
– Luke Howard, Hypnotist

The course offers a framework for marketing, how to conduct effective consultations, and how to enhance your change work.


  • Downloadable PDFs,
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Downloadable Client Forms
  • Unique 3D Animated Graphics
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Private Facebook group with monthly Zoom meetings
  • Easy-to-navigate lessons
  • Lifetime Access
  • 24/7 Access via Smartphones and Laptops
  • Free content is added

The Awesome Therapist features a basic introduction to The Russian Doll Technique® which Derek created to get rapid change with clients.

All this plus a no-quibble 7day money-back guaranteefree membership to the Awesome Therapist Facebook group which includes optional Zoom Q&A sessions and new free content uploaded.

Effective Marketing Techniques

Mouseflow Walkthrough

Why Google Matters

Google Business Page – Free Posts

Increase Your Rankings

The Client Feedback Form Walkthrough

Client Feedback Form

Practice Template Letter

How To Produce & Market Programs

Consultations That Inspire Change

The Anxiety Wheel Demonstrated

The Anxiety Wheel

A B C Technique Demonstrated

D – Peripheral Vision

Strategies To Elicit Client Change

Confidential Client History Form

The Client History Form Walkthrough

Delete and Distort (How People Do Their Issues)

Spot Those Missing F’s?

Spot The Letter F’s Video Walk- through

Dealing With Issues Followed by Using the Delete & Distort

Ball Technique – After 21 days Imagine Throwing The Ball – Without actually using a Ball

Client Before and After Pictures

The Diamond Technique

The Diamond Technique – How To Be Authentic

The Caged Bird Metaphor

How Change Happens Using “The Caged Bird” Metaphor

3 You Tube Links – Send As Appropriate To Your Client

The Brain – A Simple Model To Explain Anxiety

Quit The Smoking Habit -Client Form

The Russian Doll Technique® Explained

Prior to Using RDT show this to your Client

The Russian Doll Technique® For Rapid State Change

The Russian Doll Technique® Demo – Annette

Parts Integration-Live Skype Session – Jealousy -Reinforcing Change with The Russian Dolls

Client Audio Stop Smoking – Time Line and Russian Dolls To Cement and Build His Confidence

The Russian Doll Technique® 8 Minute Animated Explainer

Live Russian Dolls Session: Clive Girdham

The Burning Room – An Illusion of Thought

Heavy Hand/Light Hands Technique Balloons and Potatoes

Time Line Location Diagram Simply Zoom Out With Your Mouse

Time Line Therapy™ (TLT) Check Sheet

 Live Parts Integration Demonstration

Parts Integration Check Sheet

Parts Integration Guide

Troubleshooting Parts Integration

Affirmations That Work !

Metaphors for Change

Hypnosis To Motivate Yourself To Enjoy Doing A Facebook Live

MP3 Listening Instructions

Example of Hypnosis Relaxation Audio File – Sent Prior To Sessions

Pre Talk Slides Never Forget What to Say ! (Inspired by Stephanie Conkle )

Gary Wilson ‘The Great Porn Experiment’

Client Task Form

  MP3 Listening Instructions

Affirmations That Work – Sent To Clients, After Parts Session

  NEW How to Create and Sell Your Programs Group Session March 2021

You Tube Links Gratitude / Vulnerability / Shame / Porn/

NEW Update and LIVE Client Session – To Stop Cocaine Alcohol

Live Client Session – The Unmotivated Smoker Group Session August 2019

Client Sessions Gambling and Tips Group Session January 2019

The Problem Client Group Session November 2020

Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety Group Session November 2020

Live Client Session Reframing Negativity

Despair to Hope Group Session September 2019

Live Client session – Sugar Cravings Group Session July 2019

Managing Client Expectations Group Session June 2019

Techniques For Change with Tricky Clients Group Session April 2019

GarageBand and Tricky Clients Group Session February 2019

Live Session The Russian Doll Technique® and Facebook Marketing Group Session January 2019

Live Client Session – The Resistant Smoker (Audio)

Live Client Session Fear of Blood

Live Client Session Parts Integration Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Live Client Session Techniques to Work with Worry

Awesome Mentoring Program

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