Improve your Sleep

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Do you have insomnia?

Do you wake up and can’t get back to sleep?

Do you put pressure on yourself to get a good night’s sleep?

Do you feel anxious about waking up in the middle of the night, or wake up with panic attacks?

The first thing we do is show you how to relax, and teach your mind to get a perspective on sleep. Then retrain your mind that it is safe to relax, and take the pressure off yourself. Once you reduce that pressure, you will be able to sleep.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

I Can Now Sleep

I can’t recommend Derek enough to anyone that is having any issues or struggles, I myself was struggling with sleep which was affecting my whole life, once I was shown techniques to sleep better and how to forget the stresses of the day it changed my life thank you, Derek, for the work and continued support you have given me!

Gain my Sleep pattern back

Derek has changed my life around words can’t describe how grateful I am; Derek. In short, the sessions and the stress release downloads; have enabled me to gain my sleep pattern back. Also, I feel 100% more confident/positive, more approachable, I have a fantastic outlook on life and the future; I was living in my own bubble before, and now I’m enjoying life to the full. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Derek, his approach, and the fact that he actually cares i.e. He keeps in contact with you over the consultation period and afterwards – Fantastic


Flexibility is the key for me

Maybe achieving 2 hours per night! He made me realise that I was putting enormous pressure on myself which I hadn’t realised. As soon as that weight was lifted the sleep came back to me. But not only that, he has instilled a calm in me. I am more assertive and it is effortless. The techniques need practicing and I am a long way off from being perfect, but I am a different person and it is all down to Derek.