Reduce Alcohol

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Imagine being able to choose to have Alcohol free nights. Allowing you to drink for pleasure, rather than trying to block out stress or difficult emotions. Hypnotherapy combined with Mind Coaching creates the ability to have control over your drinking habit.

Each situation is different, some choose to stop alcohol because they know reducing it cannot be sustained in the long term.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

Stress and alcohol

I went to see Derek a few months ago. I was drinking a lot (nearly every night) and also turning into a horrible person when I did and hurting the people I love. I was using it as a stress relief. After seeing Derek for 6 sessions. I feel like a new person. I only have a few drinks now and maybe only drink twice a week sometimes not at all. I also Drink for pleasure now rather than to block out my stress. I haven’t been rude to anyone and I feel. so much better about myself, better than I have ever felt in years. I was skeptical about going to see him, he’s changed my life. Highly recommend!


Drinking too much, eating too much

Derek you are a life changer, I had lost my way in life, after a difficult 18 months almost losing my best friend, drinking too much, eating too much, with a black cloud constantly hanging over me, feeling so sad, unmotivated, and lacking in energy. I had my consult with Derrick found out the price, ouch, but decided I was worth it I had been through hell and needed some me time and to find myself again. The guy is a genius I am now so much happier, healthier, lighter, drink because I would like a drink not need one, and ready to take life with both hands and enjoy. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I was Out of control

I came to Derek for help when I was out of control with alcohol consumption. His advice, help, and sessions really did help and I will continue to practice what I have got from this. Thanks again, Derek.