Control Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

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Anxiety is predicting the future with a “What if this happens?” negative mindset. Our thoughts can literally manifest into self-fulfilling prophecies.

For example, if I said “don’t think of a blue tree”. You would naturally think of a blue tree. By saying to yourself “I don’t want to get anxious”. What do you think of? Nothing else but being anxious. Your thoughts can impact your reality.

During your sessions you will be shown how you’re literally manifesting Anxiety. I will show you how you can reduce it, control it, and even eliminate it.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching has been proven to be effective. Thousands of clients are now living happier and healthier lives.

Clients report they:

what Clients Say

Life Changing

After having had ove40 counselling sessions for anxiety (OCD) I decided it was time to try something else as I didn’t feel I was progressing. I am so pleased I found Derek’s website and booked in it has made such a difference to me no longer do I have the irrational thoughts and fears I did. he’s helped me to release all the rubbish in my mind so I can just enjoy living in the moment and this was after just a few sessions although you will see a change from the start, to be honest.

Previously having considered suicide

Having previously considered suicide and having the feeling of cannot being bothered I am now thriving in every area of my life, relationships are better, I am performing better at work and at the gymmy diet is under complete control (where previously it was diabolical). Derek is so honest and personable, easy to work with, and extremely wise and centered without Derek I would be underperforming, angry and frustrated and anxious all the time – now I am none of these things, I am happier.

John B

Control of my thoughts and emotions

I went to see Derek when I desperately needed to take control of my thoughts and emotions. I have at various times in my life sought out counselling including CBT but it has never really helped. Derek helped me by first taking out the immense emotion I had attached to the past problems that were causing me such distress he then helped me leave the past where it belongs in the past and not in the now where it was having such an effect on my present life. He has so helped me think about everything differently.