Hypnosis: Real or Fake?


Some may think of hypnosis as entertainment, but its value lies in helping people tackle deep-seated issues. When hypnosis is combined with Mind coaching it can help people break free from bad habits, face their fears, and anxieties, and grow more confident.

This blog dives into them, how this method made a significant difference.

Have you ever wondered if hypnosis works, or what it involves? Watch ALL three videos and you decide. It may clear up some doubts, and might even inspire you to consider hypnosis to change your own life. But is it real, or is it fake? You will witness genuine hypnosis, a transformative experience far beyond mere mindfulness, so buckle up, and witness real change.

Case Study 1: Zak’s Triumph Over A Lifelong Phobia

Zak, a professional digital photographer and filmmaker, dreaded each summer due to a childhood wasp sting in the eye. Seeking a solution, he googled hypnosis near me. He turned to Derek Chapman, a hypnotherapist renowned for his expertise with anxiety and addiction, at his practice in Bargate, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

Derek guided Zak into hypnosis, allowing him to face and reassess that old traumatic memory causing the fear response, Instead of reliving fear, hypnosis combined with mind coaching helped Zak shift his perspective—he can now observe that memory without being retraumatised.

This intervention worked, and Zak can now cope with Wasps!

Case Study 2: Mckenzie Finds His Voice after Hypnosis

Finding His Voice: Mckenzie’s Breakthrough in Confidence

Mckenzie, a 17-year-old professional golfer, faced a unique challenge: he struggled to assert himself with certain people. He tended to appease them but then felt frustrated.

Like Zak, Mckenzie sought Derek’s help, on the recommendation of a family member.

With Hypnosis and Mind Coaching, we worked on altering his beliefs about confrontation, he was guided through scenarios that allowed him to practice asserting himself in a safe, controlled environment.

After the session, Mckenzie displayed a newfound ability to confidently share his thoughts and opinions, no longer restrained by the fear of disapproval. He said, “I feel confident, to express who I am !”

Case Study 3: Cameron’s Breakthrough From Fear Of Failure

Conquering Fear: Cameron’s Breakthrough in Hypnotherapy

The final story about the transformative power of hypnosis features Cameron, a digital photographer who has a fear of making mistakes. This anxiety was so consuming that it seeped into different areas of his life, leaving him stuck and unable to seize new opportunities or take risks.

Initially, Cameron was skeptical about hypnosis, worried it might mean losing control. However, Derek reassured him and explained that hypnosis isn’t about losing control, but about gaining control over parts of life that seem to be out of control.

Cameron began to see that his reactions had turned into automatic responses, not conscious choices.

In this session, Derek asked Cameron to rate the fear of making mistakes on a scale from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most intense. Cameron scored his anxiety between 75 and 80, showing significant distress in his body. It was crucial to know the scale of fear before any intervention, that way we can see the change.

Derek’s strategy involved guiding Cameron through thoughts, and detached feelings of the fear from the act of making mistakes. The goal was to change Cameron’s view, helping him see mistakes as natural and essential parts of learning, failure is only feedback, instead of something to fear.

The highlight of Cameron’s session came with a breakthrough. After hypnotherapy, when Derek asked Cameron to reassess his initial anxiety, Cameron found he could no longer feel the intense worry that once gripped him. Even when Derek playfully suggested Cameron could “phone a friend” or “ask the audience,” referencing the lifelines from Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Cameron was unfazed. His overwhelming fear had vanished!

Conclusion: Unleashing Your Potential Through Hypnosis

These inspiring stories showcase the true power of hypnosis in overcoming deep-seated phobias, social anxieties, and persistent negative habits. Hypnosis taps into our emotional mind, empowering individuals to rewrite their life stories and conquer challenges that once seemed overwhelming.

Who can’t be hypnotised? Individuals with below-average intelligence or those struggling to focus.

How do you find a good hypnotherapist? Seek recommendations through word of mouth or peruse their latest reviews.

What should you check before booking? Their experience, ask how many successful clients have they seen for your issue. While the price may be a factor, Derek doesn’t offer free consultations or discovery calls. Only seeing individuals who are truly committed to change.

Remember, if change isn’t for yourself, commitment often wavers.

Are you curious about tailored hypnotherapy sessions? Consider embracing this empowering method. What have you got to lose—except perhaps a habit or an outdated mindset?

Take the first step today towards unleashing your potential book here today!

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