Change in 6 steps using the CHANGE Protocol

Change Protocol

Hello to all my fellow practitioners, clients, and friends…

I recently had the honour of presenting in Orlando, Florida, where I introduced a culmination of my work and passion: The CHANGE Protocol. This presentation was not just a sharing of knowledge but a deeply personal journey into how we, as hypnotherapists and coaches, can facilitate profound transformation in our clients. Last year’s presentation was about how to turn sabotage into success in just 7 easy steps, now it’s only 6!

The Essence of CHANGE

The CHANGE Protocol is more than just a method; it’s a philosophy that has guided my practice and helped countless individuals break free from anxiety, phobias, and self-sabotage. Let me take you through the core principles of CHANGE, which stand as the pillars of this transformative approach.

C Commitment

Commitment is the starting point of any meaningful change. It’s about deciding to embrace the journey ahead, despite the challenges. In my practice, this dedication is highlighted by clients investing in their initial consultation, going beyond a mere “free discovery call” to commit to their transformative journey.

H – Hurdles

Recognising hurdles is essential. We all face obstacles, but understanding and identifying them, including the hidden ones, helps us to overcome them. In my presentation, I shared insights on how to turn these hurdles into stepping stones, not just stumbling blocks.

A – Acceptance

Acceptance is the key to unlocking true change. It involves embracing our current state and the emotions that come with it, without judgment. This principle is central to my work, helping clients accept that they can begin to accept as the first step towards change.

N New Beliefs

The heart of the CHANGE Protocol lies in accepting new beliefs. Our beliefs shape our reality, and with a mindset grounded in positivity and potential, we pave the way for unprecedented growth and development.

G – Goals

Setting clear, achievable goals is fundamental. It gives direction and purpose to the journey of change, goal-setting is a collaborative process, ensuring that each milestone is aligned with the client’s identity aspirations and capabilities.

E – Empowerment

Lastly, empowerment is the ultimate goal. It’s about equipping individuals with the tools, confidence, and autonomy to maintain and build upon the changes they’ve achieved. Empowerment is the gift that keeps on giving, showing people how to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Transformative Experiences

The conference was an opportunity to share the CHANGE Protocol and to witness, its impact in real time. The experiential part of the presentation shows attendees how to dive deep into the protocol’s essence. One remarkable story was of a fellow practitioner who, after experiencing the protocol, found relief from chronic back pain that had plagued him for years! Another dealt with her overwhelming phobia of cockroaches, for over 20 years, in just minutes, illustrating the profound potential of the CHANGE Protocol to rewire our responses to fear. (Full details are included in the Therapist’s Version)

CHANGE Protocol

CHANGE Protocol

Looking Forward

Sharing, some of the CHANGE Protocol at the conference reinforced my belief in the power of commitment, understanding hurdles, acceptance, cultivating new beliefs, setting clear goals, and ultimately, empowering ourselves and our clients.

The CHANGE Protocol is not just a method; it’s a way of moving toward effective hypnotherapy/ coaching sessions that empower our clients to reach their goals.

To all who joined me at the conference and to my future clients and colleagues,

Embrace the CHANGE Protocol, overcome your hurdles, and feel empowered there’s an invitation below to get your hands on this powerful method of working with your clients who have severe anxiety and phobias or self-sabotage.

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