Alcohol or Habits Are You Craving Change?

Alcohol and Drug Habit

Are your mornings filled with guilt and remorse from the night before? Do you constantly set drink limits only to break them? Do you feel an overwhelming need for alcohol to calm your nerves? If you’re gradually finding weekday drinking cycle is becoming more of a habit or feel like it’s a compulsion – this blog is for you.

Alcohol and Destructive Habits

My belief is that to control take back control of any habits, we must first address their root cause – the underlying reasons that are prompting you to smoke, drink, or take drugs excessively. Many of my clients reveal the heart-wrenching truth- they dislike themselves.

Consider the enormity of living with a person who is self-loathing, caught in a repetitive cycle of broken promises to self and loved ones. Despite temporary victories, the return to old habits seems inevitable, often even reinforced by weekly AA meetings that cement their identity as an ‘Alcoholic’ or Drug Addict.

Smoking Habit
Smoking Habit
The Pleasure Principle

However, there’s power in belief. Your mind can shape your reality. Remember, you are NOT synonymous with your habit! It’s merely a coping mechanism – an escape route. Humans are naturally drawn toward pleasure and away from pain. In all honesty, substances like alcohol and cocaine do provide temporary euphoria, creating memories that the mind clings to.

The problem arises when the need for ‘more’ takes hold, mirroring a smoker’s craving for cigarettes. But remember, there’s always a choice, a decision to stop that’s driven by a will stronger than that substance.

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Stop the Self-Deception

How about this for a radical concept – if you loved yourself more, would you continue to abuse your body? It’s a potent question that we delve into, leading to a decrease in symptoms. It’s time to stop your self-deception. You have this power – During just 4 weeks we can train your mind so that you actually like and respect yourself again, without having to talk about your past week in and week out.

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A Cocktail of Denial and Despair

When you embrace avoidance as a superpower, you can resist the urge, avoid those well-meaning friends with harmful offers, and confront the truth. But let’s be real, the culprit often is alcohol. After a few drinks, our rational minds go offline, replaced by false bravado. Picture the frequent fights outside nightclubs. If only people didn’t drink so much, I wonder how few we would see.

Some even chase their lost youth, nostalgically replaying the ‘good old days’ to a soundtrack of old tunes – a potent cocktail of denial and despair.

Road to Recovery
Craving a Change

Final Word

Craving a change? Your journey to change yourself starts NOW. I will show you how to Reject white lies to Rediscover self-trust. The most destructive lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Isn’t it time to clear your conscience, to honor your promises?

This is your moment of truth – time to transform promises into reality. For this change to stick, you must embark on this journey for yourself first. After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. In our context, isn’t that quite ironic?

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