Frequently Asked Questions.

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• Ask a friend who’s seen them. Check their recent feedback

• See them for a consultation first, decide for yourself

• Trust your instincts, do you feel they are a good fit?

• Do they offer support after your sessions are complete?

• To take back control of your Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Panic attacks, OCD, Stop overthinking and Sleep better.

Phobias No Phobia is off-limits no matter how silly you make think it is. including food issues SED (Fussy eating)

Overwhelming Emotions, Stop crying, Losing your temper, Living in fear, Feeling hurt, Feeling guilty, Jealous of your partner’s friends. Getting over your Ex. Dealing with grief in a good way.

“Kick the Habit Program”-Alcohol, Gambling Cigarettes, Cocaine, Pornography.

Lose weight with the “Mindful Eating program” A unique weight management system, that finally puts you in control of what you Eat, Drink, Move, and Think.

Do you feel like an imposter? Improve Your Self-confidence, Self-esteem, and
Performance with “The Awesome Mentoring Program” From a personal point of view, Derek enjoys 1-2-1 mentoring as he really gets a buzz from supporting clients and seeing them strive. He always gives 110% effort and high levels of energy in each session and by booking with him you really will have found a very meaningful, bespoke, and winning formula, tailored exactly to your own unique needs. Ideal if you’re a Line Manager, MD, Business owner Coach, or Hypnotherapist who wants to up your game.

Derek is less interested in WHAT the problem is, and more interested in HOW the client produces the unwanted behaviour.

So you can relax, you don’t have to relive any past negative events nor do you have to even tell him about it unless you want to, and that’s just fine.

It is your unique perception of events that ultimately influences your behaviour. So, once we understand the process or programs that are being run to produce the unwanted behaviour, it is a very simple and fast process to change the ‘programs’. This of course gives you much more empowering results.

If you can choose to change the ingredients of your past experiences, then by default you change the experience itself. This is what you will be doing when you decide to book your sessions

Millionaire Celebrity Hypnotist Steve G Jones reports he had “Powerful experience” After experiencing the Russian Doll Technique®

Derek created “The Russian Doll Technique®” as a coping strategy during a stressful time. The technique allowed him the breathing space to cope. An online course is available showing techniques to control anxiety and habits. There are hundreds of practitioners using it worldwide.

NLP stands for ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’: Neuro – Referring to the mind and nervous system of a human being; Linguistic – Referring to the communication, both verbal and non-verbal, that we make with our unconscious mind; and Programming – The processes or strategies we run to produce the behaviour and therefore the results we get.

NLP is a powerful tool when used in conjunction with hypnosis. It cements change at the unconscious level. NLP processes are very fast. You will see changes at the unconscious level much quicker using NLP than with more traditional means of intervention. NLP is a very comfortable set of processes that are non-intrusive. Most clients enjoy it because it is content-free.

Payment for all sessions are prepaid in advance to secure your appointments

Methods of payments include Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfers. Please read the Terms and Conditions below.

• 48 hours notice is required for postponement or cancellation of appointment or a full session fee will be charged.

• No refund for early termination of any program package.

• Change requires your commitment and a conscious effort on your part. Derek does not just wave a magic wand and change is not guaranteed.

• If you are committed and implement the strategies he gives you change will be far easier.

• IMPORTANT: Consult your GP for any health concerns or changes to medication.