What is NLP?




Would you like to make positive and lasting change, to give you empowered control and direction in your life?  NLP is a set of tools for consistently achieving excellent results in life.  Using these tools and techniques of NLP you will be able to see yourself with more control of your life and behaviour so that it empowers you.

NLP processes are very fast, you will see changes at the unconscious level much quicker using NLP than with more traditional means of intervention.

NLP is a very comfortable set of processes that are non- intrusive.  Most people like NLP because it is content free.


What does content free mean?

As  NLP practitioner I am less interested in WHAT the problem is, and more HOW the client produces the unwanted behaviour.

So you can relax, you don’t have to relive any past negative events nor do you have to even  tell me about it unless you want to, and that’s just fine.

It is your unique perception of events that ultimately influences your behaviour, so once we understand the process or programs that are being run to produce the unwanted behaviour, it is a very simple and fast process to change the ‘programs’ which of course gives you different and much more empowering, desired results.

If you can choose to change the ingredients of your past experiences, then by default you change the experience itself.

This is what you will be doing with NLP when you decide to book a session with me.


What does NLP Stand for?

NLP stands for ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’

Neuro – referring to the mind, and nervous system of a human being

Linguistic – referring to the communication both verbal and non verbal we make with our unconscious mind.

Programming – the processes or strategies we run to produce the behaviour and therefore the results we get.

So, you can see that through using NLP you can learn the processes and strategies that communicate effectively to the unconscious mind where lasting change is made and where behaviour is influenced.

NLP is powerful tool especially when used in conjunction with Hypnosis, it cements change work at the unconscious level.