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Are you eating too much, too easily, too often?

The Virtual Gastric Band Program

Derek has researched various methods of weight control and has adapted his own Virtual Gastric Band program.

This has proved highly successful with clients who have tried every diet going without long term success.

This 4-week program aims to change your relationship to food, and exercise putting you back in control.

The program is as individual as you are, it deals with your eating habits giving you the tools, so you can maintain your weight control without the need for: Dieting, calorie counting, special meals or shakes.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis convinces you that a Gastric Band has been fitted. It will stop you eating more than you should. So you can enjoy your relationship with food without feeling deprived.

Weight Loss with The Virtual Gastric Band.

The Virtual Gastric Band Explained

Successful Weight Loss Using Hypnotherapy

With my Virtual Gastric Band program there is no dieting and you will not feel deprived.

Because nothing ever tastes as good as slim feels. You can “Lick the Sugar habit”, imagine how you will feel when you are back in control, wearing the clothes you choose to wear, feeling good not only on the outside, but the inside too.

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Is Sugar an issue for you ? You can Lick the Sugar Habit!

Sugar is one of the leading contributors to weight gain and it is highly addictive making it a very hard habit to beat. Derek has created a programme that will see you finally ‘lick the sugar habit’ so you can live a healthier, more balanced life and look and feel great at the same time!

The programme is 4 sessions over 4 weeks. It is specific to your eating habits, and addresses emotional eating as well as exercise. The aim is to put you firmly back in control of what you eat.