Take Back Control

With My Virtual Gastric Band Program

Are you eating too much, too easily, too often?

Derek has researched various methods of  weight control and has adapted his own Virtual Gastric Band program.  This has proved highly successful with clients who have tried every diet going without long term success.

This 4-week program will change your relationship to food, putting you back in control.

The program is individual to you and deals with your eating habits giving you the tools, so you can maintain your weight loss without the need for:  Dieting, calorie counting, special meals or shakes.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis convinces you that a Gastric Band has been fitted.  It will stop you eating more than you should. So you can enjoy your relationship with food without feeling deprived.

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There is a nominal £30 charge. Discover what you can expect to achieve from this unique process.  In only a few months Derek’s clients have shed the weight of 4 Baby Elephants !

If you have tried all those diets and want an easier option that puts you firmly back in control of your food. This maybe the perfect option for you 😊  




Eating Too Much, Feeling Sad after a Bereavement

I visited Derek to try and sort myself out I was bereaved and eating too much I really didn’t like myself after just one session Derek managed to alter my perception of myself and I now don’t feel stressed or sad anymore I have learnt how to deal with my emotions and look forward to the future instead of hiding from it. I was sceptic to start with, but Derek has worked wonders with me and I now feel confident, happy and stress free I have come to terms with my bereavement and have moved on. I would highly recommend Derek he has saved my life thank you soo much. ?
Wow a truly exceptional man


Very Professional and Confidential Service

I was very impressed with the meetings that I have had with Derek and know that I now have the confidence and mind set to overcome the problem that I had. Would strongly recommend this service.


Virtual Gastric Band

Well what can I say ,my weight as been a issue since I was nine years old ,I’ve been a yoyo dieter for years, you name it I have done it ,every weight loss programme going ,enough was enough food was ruining my life stopping me from doing things and being the person I wanted to be and then by chance I found Derek Chapman ,I was a bit sceptical at first but wow having the virtual gastric band as completely changed my life , I’m finally in control and food is no longer the issue and I’m even exercising ,this man as been their for me from day one and is still supporting me and encouraging me, Best of all I’m getting slimmer ,the inches are falling away ,Thank you Derek Chapman.

4 Weeks On – 1 Stone Lost

Basically I went to see Derek because my partner had been to see him with some issues, which he helped with massively. I have always had a problem with comfort eating, over eating and basically eating rubbish. Derek recommended the hypno gastric band. So I went for it. Now 4 weeks on 1 stone lost and 16cm lost from measurements over my body. It has given me the tools to eat small but not only that but healthy, and proved you don’t need that junk food. I have also just completed a 10k first thing I have ever done like that. I feel good in myself no more sluggishness, tiredness, constant cravings.  I have also used Derek to help with the loss of my Dad. Which he helped and sorted out in one session. I can’t recommend Derek enough he is an exceptional therapist and the tools and help he can give anyone that needs help please don’t sit on it just go see him.

Weight Loss and More!

I booked Derek for my wife and I after hearing of the success of the wife of a friend of mine. We had the Virtual Gastric Band treatment and I can honestly say it’s been brilliant. My whole attitude to food had changed. I was terrible for snacking and loving sweet things. Now, I never snack and haven’t had a chocolate bar in ages. Both my wife and I have lost about a stone each, We love the fact we can still eat exactly what we want (and I do have the occasional sweet) but we are simply not interested in things the way we were. I don’t need to feel guilty for having something I shouldn’t as nothing is off limits and I find myself hungry SO much less than before. It’s your own mind which changes and for the better.

He’s friendly and very supportive and we were actually disappointed when the sessions came to a close. Even then he keeps in touch to make sure we’re ok. I’d definitely recommend him. In fact I have, on many occasions.

Tried Every Diet Going

Since having my first virtual gastric band session with Derek four weeks ago I have lost nearly a stone. Finding it really easy. Have tried every diet going in the past and failed miserably. Don’t feel as if my life is on hold anymore. Feel as if I can do anything. Thank you Derek.