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Downloads and Programs




Complimentary Hypnosis

Listen to Derek’s guided Hypnosis for Relaxation. Approx 24 min length.

FREE Podcast Interview

Derek interviewed by one of the worlds most famous Hypnotherapists about his success with clients.



MP3 Files

Relax with one of 4 individual Hypnosis Audio files: Get To Sleep, Just Relax, More Self-Esteem and Reduce Sugar.

The Anxiety Wheel

The Anxiety Wheel is for use at home to help support you with your change, or to help you if you can’t meet Derek in person.  Featuring 2 Hours worth of video’s, Audio Hypnosis files and PDF’s to control Anxiety.

The Awesome Therapist

The Awesome Therapist is an online product for Therapists that demonstrates techniques that will leverage your client’s change. 

It includes the The Russian Doll Technique which is a process for getting ‘rapid state change’ within your clients.  Also included are a number of Techniques, PDF’s and a Hypnosis Toolkit.

Optional one-on-one 60 minute online mentoring is also available on request.