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Derek is a professional clinical hypnotherapist and has helped thousands of people make positive lasting change in their lives.

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fears Let go of Fears, Phobias and Anxiety

Fear stands for: False Emotions that Appear Real. Research shows a high percentage of people have had some kind of irrational fear, phobia or anxiety.

One solution is to look at the them in a different way, seeing it from a different perspective, allowing the person to gently face it in a realistic and empowering way.

Using Psy Tap and Hypnotherapy it is possible to remove the virus that causes the fear or phobia so it is impossible to run that same pattern again.

Certain Fears and Phobias can be treated in 1-2 sessions , this is entirely dependant on the complexity of the issue.

Anxiety can typically take longer.  Derek will give you a realistic expectation of how many sessions will be required.


addictionGain Control of Addictions

Smoking, Alcohol, Sugar, Drugs and Gambling.  

No addiction is off limits.

Derek provides guidance and support during and after your sessions.  You will receive the necessary tools to take back control.

The number of sessions required will be discussed at your consultation.


lose-weightWeight loss with The Virtual Gastric Band Program

Are you eating too much, too easily, too often?

Derek has researched various methods of losing weight and has adapted his own Virtual Gastric Band program.  This has proved highly successful with clients who have tried every diet going without long term success.

This 4 week program will change your relationship to food, putting you back in control.

The program is individual to you and deals with your eating habits giving you the tools, so you can maintain your weight loss without the need for:  Dieting, calorie counting, special meals or shakes.

The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis convinces you that a Gastric Band has been fitted.  It will stop you eating more than you should.

So you can enjoy your relationship with food without feeling deprived.

Derek offers 5 complimentary 30 minute consultations every month for this unique process

Book early to avoid disappointment!


anxietyConfidence and Exam Nerves

Do you struggle to keep calm ahead of Interviews,Tests, Exams or Public Speaking ?

Derek can help you overcome your barriers to success, through guided techniques where you visualise the outcome rather than focus on the disaster of what might happen.

Derek has helped numerous clients obtain confidence and calmness in the most daunting of situations, where it has previously eluded them. Allowing them to go on to achieve: Career Success, Pass Tests and actually enjoy the process.

Even if your child faces Bullying, Low Self Esteem, Shyness or Behavioural problems Derek has found over the years he gets fantastic results and has allowed many parents to see their children regain their lives back allowing them to cope at their best.

The youngest age range he works with is 10.