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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Let go of anxiety and stop worrying.

    Eliminate fears and phobias.

    Give up smoking and other habits (addictions).

    Control your weight using his Virtual Gastric Band programme.

    “Lick the Sugar habit” programme.

    Improve your self confidence.

    Stop overthinking and sleep well.

    Control your anger before it controls you.

    If you need help with anything not listed contact Derek, your confidentiality is always assured.

  • The average number of sessions is 4 but certain phobias can be treated in as little as 1-2 sessions. However, this is entirely dependent on the complexity of the issue. This will be assessed during your Consultation .

    Each session will run for approximately a 60-90 minute duration. Again this is subject to the issue being treated.

  • Payment for all sessions is paid in advance to secure your appointment. Methods of payments include: Credit Card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash. Please read Terms and Conditions below.

    • 48 hours notice is required for postponement or cancellation of appointment or full session fee will be charged.
    • No refund for early termination of any package.
    • Change requires your commitment and a conscious effort on your part. Derek does not wave a magic wand and change is not guaranteed. If you are committed and implement the strategies he gives you change will happen.
    • IMPORTANT: Consult your GP for any health concerns or changes to medication.
  • Some people believe hypnosis is about mind control, brainwashing, and making you bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. This is a complete myth, so you can relax.  

    Expert Hypnosis such as that offered in Derek’s practice is not theatrical stage hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is extremely effective in helping you make lasting changes to your thought processes. In addition, hypnosis is a comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable experience.

    You will undoubtedly begin to see great results from using hypnosis and will feel more relaxed and in control of your life.

    Hypnosis is simply a way of communicating with your unconscious mind.  It is a deeply relaxing, highly effective state of heightened awareness that also helps to reduce mental stress and achieve physical relaxation.

    Hypnosis is something you know how to do already, and often do each day.

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you slip into daydream?  How about when you become so engrossed in a book or movie that it seems as if time stands still and you are unaware of what is going on around you?

    These are moments of trance, and you are already very good at it.  In fact, as Dave Elman, one of the leading contributors to the field once said:   “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis”.

    As an expert Hypnotherapist, Derek’s job is to work WITH you in reintroducing you to your unconscious mind, so that you can decide to accept suggestion and change in any area of your life.  Your cooperation is what makes hypnosis work.

    Whilst Derek is an excellent hypnotherapist all change does require a willingness on the client’s part to really want to change and accept the therapy.

  • Would you like to make positive and lasting change, to give you empowered control and direction in your life? NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a set of tools for consistently achieving excellent results in life.

    Using the tools and techniques of NLP, you will be able to empower your mind, and gain more control of your life and behaviour.

    NLP processes are very fast. You will see changes at the unconscious level much quicker using NLP than with more traditional means of intervention.

    NLP is a very comfortable set of processes that are non-intrusive. Most clients enjoy NLP because it is content free.

    What does “content free” mean?

    As an NLP practitioner I am less interested in WHAT the problem is, and more interested in HOW the client produces the unwanted behaviour.

    So you can relax, you don’t have to relive any past negative events nor do you have to even tell me about it unless you want to, and that’s just fine.

    It is your unique perception of events that ultimately influences your behaviour. So, once we understand the process or programs that are being run to produce the unwanted behaviour, it is a very simple and fast process to change the ‘programs’. This of course gives you much more empowering results.

    If you can choose to change the ingredients of your past experiences, then by default you change the experience itself.

    This is what you will be doing with NLP when you decide to book a session with me.

    What does NLP Stand for?

    NLP stands for ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’

    Neuro – Referring to the mind and nervous system of a human being.

    Linguistic – Referring to the communication, both verbal and non-verbal, that we make with our unconscious mind.

    Programming – The processes or strategies we run to produce the behaviour and therefore the results we get.

    So, you can see that through using NLP you can learn the processes and strategies that communicate effectively to the unconscious mind where lasting change is made and where behaviour is influenced.

    NLP is powerful tool especially when used in conjunction with hypnosis. It cements change at the unconscious level.

  • TLT is Time Line Therapy™

    Have you got or do you know anyone who has emotional baggage?

    As we go through life, we tend to store negative emotions through significant emotional events we encounter, and all of this uses a lot of energy.

    Imagine if you were able to release a new found energy by letting go of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt.

    How much more purposefully could you use that energy?

    Wouldn’t life be great if you could just put down the old negative emotions and limiting beliefs and instead choose to live an empowered and happy life?

    Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a powerful therapeutic process that has evolved from Hypnosis and NLP, developed by Dr. Tad James.

    TLT is a highly effective and powerful process for personal change that is both very fast and comfortable.

    After the process you will be able to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back and learn from these experiences.  You will move forward with more control and with a new clarity and purpose in your life.