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Let go of Fears, Phobias and Anxiety

Fear stands for False Emotions that Appear Real.

Research shows a high percentage of people have had some kind of irrational fear, phobia, or anxiety.

One solution is to look at these fears from a different angle, allowing the person to gently face it in a realistic and empowering way.

Using Psy-Tap and hypnotherapy it is possible to remove the virus that causes the fear or phobia. This allows for your mind to reset and never enter the fearful thought process again.

Certain fears and phobias can be treated in 1-2 sessions. This is entirely dependent on the complexity of the issue. Derek has helped many clients take back control of their fear of: Birds, cats, dogs, dying, dentists, driving, eating healthier foods, examinations, flying, health workers, insects, reptiles Etc.

No fear is off limits no matter how silly you may think it is!

Letting go of Fears.

The Anxiety Wheel.

Controlling Panic Attacks.