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Gain Control of Habits & Addictions

The first thing to know when taking back control of your life is to realise you are more powerful than you think you are.

Just because something has been one way for a long time it  does not mean you can’t change it.

Even if you have failed before, by changing the words you use you can slowly change your beliefs as well.

Addiction is a habit,  it can seem that you need that cigarette, that drink those drugs.. this is the illusion of thought.

Derek will show you how you can get back the power that you thought you lost.

He provides guidance and support during and after your sessions.

Derek will provide you with the necessary tools to take back control of your habits.

The number of sessions required will be discussed during  your Consultation.

Eating Disorders

Derek has worked with various people, Adults, Children and Teens, over the years who have selective Eating Disorders, whether that be a fear of fruit and vegetables or a diet consisting of  processed food. 

By successfully introducing different foods into their diet, they have changed their eating habits and taken back control of their relationship to food allowing them to live a life full of freedom and choice.


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